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From: Ron Lyons, Inventor, Entrepreneur

Since we are composed of 60% to 85% water taking care of this important component of our body makeup is paramount to good health. Super Water is freshly filter water that is magnetized for at least 24 hours in a Magnalife© water carrier set. This innovative approach is the basis of true wellness. Treating water with the MagnaLife© Method depolarizes its dipole molecule configuration, reduces its surface tensions and neutralizes the water's residual bio-vibrational remnants. Drinking at least a liter or two a day, depending on body weight, is a basic requirement of good health. Going one step further with MagneLife Water Magnetizer puts you far ahead of the rest.

NOTE: Bottled water that has been naturally or artificially carbonated raises surface tension and dipolar bond strength. This process also causes the water to retain the bio-vibrational remnants of the carbonation processes.

In general and specifically with bio-holographical health care systems, freshly magnetized water can help balance your body to the finest degree possible. For best results store water in a polycarbonate plastic bottle in magnetic field for 12 hours or overnight. Most plastic bottles suffer from unwanted residual chemicals but polycarbonate bolles are inert.

NOTE: Since every molecule of water retains the paleomagnetic energy pattern it has encountered since its formation, the nuclear-magnetic resonnance patterns are dispersed in non-magnetically polarized water. These scattered patterns of energy are hyper-finely mixed throughout the water bulk. The result is a mishmash of conflicting bio-energic signals. When our bio-holographic system encounters this unordered state it cannot responed to chaos. Ordinarily, this would not be a concern if we were not attempting to finely tune our own bio-energy fields into a higher state. But since we are attempting to attain high-energy bio-holographic wellness, ordinary molecular water would not be good enough.

Staying Well Hydrated

Those well versed in bio-vibrational energy, realize that energy flows best through a moisture rich environment. Thus, optimal hydration is produced by drinking an amount of water each day measured in fluid ounces equal to half your body weight, measured in pounds. Therefore someone weighing 120 pounds should drink 60 fluid-ounces of water each day. This equates to five, 12-ounce glasses over a twelve hour period. Since a liter bottle contains approximately 34 ounces, then drinking two 1-liter bottles, one in the morning and one in the afternoon should keep your body well hydrated.



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Ron Lyons