Your Internal Fire and Light

Internal Fire kindles a spark that burns forevermore,
Imagination in the rosy light of early morning.
A moment of quiet, a single thought then you soar,
As you contemplate the universe in its dawning.

Infinity flowing to you from stars far away,
Supernovas, galaxies, and a billion planets.
Each source sending you strength for your day.
Feel the power of this driving force,
Thrusting toward you; like the Universe at play.

Energy converges in your body supine,
Urging you to create a new and glorious day,
It glows and shivers, it vibrates your spine. 
No bagatelles on this Earth stand in your golden way.

Now the World is your domain,
As you reach out into it with tools of Mind.
Answers fly, while your greater goals remain,
Rest awhile and immerse yourself,
In the peaceful Light of mankinde.



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