Our Epi-genetic Legacy
  Throughout our lives it seems as though DNA genetics has made us the same but the ongoing events involving our epi-genetics makes us unique in so many ways. Epigenetics is the process of continuous, changes in gene expression that occur without changes in DNA sequence, and is the captain of our lives. Epi-genetics is like a general commanding troops, gathered together in battalions of DNA (with RNA acting as messengers). These corporal entities allow our resultant lifestyle express itself, and thus essentially make us what we are.
  Epi-genetics interprets and controls our genetic makeup to create our unique body type, feature, outlook and deportment. One aspect of this concept is astounding in that we can actually, over time and with positive effort, change our selves through the process of epi-genetic modulation. This can occur when we consistently favor certain existential habits, such as modes of living and socializing.

We are Different in So Many Ways

  Epi-genetics makes each of us different from year to year, yet as far as our DNA and genes are concerned, we are incredibly similar. Therefore how we live and change our lives can slightly modify our genes. Some scientist said that we change our body's cells every six months; except for the brain which rebuilds itself every seven years. But in one overarching way, we are extraordinarily similar.
   This incredible similarity relates to the most remarkable aspect of our species' existence of almost a million years. As pointed out by Dr. Spencer Wells, reaching far back into humanity's past to 60,000 years ago, humans on the raw edge of our tool making evolution, developed a strong creative impulse.
   Starting with primitive survival instincts, our creative urges have helped our species blossom, across countless millennia, into a magnificent flowering of innovative thought, prolific construction and abundant living.

Our Legacy of DNA, Language and Mind
   From the simple language and conceptual thinking used in the process of making hunting tools and actual hunting on the African savannah to our space-exploring vehicles reaching for the stars, all races of humanity have inherited a basic DNA sequence that drives our creative instinct. This is the defining element of what it is to be human, and it propels us ever forward to our destiny of dominating our planet and beyond.

Traveling with Epi-genetic Forces
   Genes that manifest creative instincts reside in our ability to epi-genetically control and define DNA sequences, which could be thought of as an integration of our corporal and psychic memory banks. Epi-genetic modulation began in cognitive thought, grew as we matured physically and mentally through the millennia.

  This phenomenon can be traced anthropologically from its source in Southern Africa to the Middle East, southward through India, to Australia; and northeast through Kyrgyzstan, then back eastward to Europe and also westward through the Siberian land bridge to the Americas.
   The story of our innovative and creative epi-genetic modulation of our DNA is our genesis. The phenomenon of epi-genetics expression and modulation differentiates us into myriad personalities, social groups and races within our common humanity. This genesis could also be our lifeline in that it can reveal a sense of oneness amongst our diversity.

Improving our Global Epi-genetic Profile
   Beyond our basic survival instinct is the elusive horizon of good nutrition. In some parts of the world this horizon is so distant that deserts and oceans fail the metaphor. Put another way; we as a species, challenge ourselves to dare physical deserts and oceans, even reaching across space to the moon and far beyond, yet we fail to reach across the table in simple acts of sharing. And then when challenged about our attitude, we use politics as an excuse. Doing this and daring to forget our past triumphs, stagnates our epi-genetic journey. On the other hand, offering and sharing a loaf of bread across the table of life improves our own DNA in ways few have yet to experience.

Living Our Lives Modifies What We Are
   Epi-genetics tailoring modifies our bodies and minds based on the way we live, enculturate and mature. Therefore from birth to maturity we constantly restructure how our bodies interpret our DNA through the means of epi-genetic modulation. This opens profound avenues toward the possibility of changing our lives. If we start early enough, we can rebuild our bodies to enable us to live longer.

The Good News and Bad
   Of course there are good and bad sides to living in a world of so many immediate and quickly accessible choices. We can head down a path that could ruin our lives by embracing detrimental health habits such as powerful negative emotional urges, excessive drugs, over extending our activities with out restful sleep and poor food choices. But if we intelligently nurture and enhance our bodies, then our epi-genetics can produce a miracle of our evolution can help us create a sense of grand existence and universal connectedness.

Hanging up your Epi-genetics Expression
   Letting your mind and body get stuck in a go nowhere rut is not really fair to yourself, your family and your community. Volunteer to help in local community events. Try to be just a bit more than what you thought is possible for your life. Everything we as humans have ever accomplished has been created first through imagination, then through excellent execution. Perhaps in imagining you will be able to step beyond perceived limits.
   Eventually, through repetitive reinforcement, your expanding lines of thought and accomplishment will improve your epi-genetic expression. Try some of the links on this page to stretch your perspective and see how you can improve various areas of your life.

Browse this Website for More Information

   This website analyses currently available lifestyle information to help you postulate your own theories of life, create new ideas and build a fresh personal view. Then you can test these new ideas with the communication arts and draw your own conclusions.
   Many answers exist in libraries, personal communications and the vastness of the Internet. Like an explorer or hard-rock miner, a dedicated lifestyle explorer needs to dig them out like nuggets of the mind for contemplation, consideration and creative construction.

   All activities and thoughts of caring mankind are a legacy of our forward-looking existence. May your wellness legacy and epi-genetic lifestyle be full of wondrous things and events.
Send your comments or questions about epi-genetics by e-mail.

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Saturday, June 30, 2018
This is the one life you have inherited from your parents and the planet Earth; and you will become what you desire, if you truly want and work toward that result. The trick is to constantly observe it, read everything you can about living on it while avoiding its biases.
Then, keeping all of the above in mind, create your own enlightened and rational lifestyle.






















































































The Global Lifestyle Center

Some Thought About a Wellness Tracker APP

  Generally we don't make knowledgeable investments on a daily basis in our future health. We don't start early in life to invest small amounts of our money in personal health care, not allotropic medicine's or government's health care, which most often is after the fact patch jobs, it comes usually too late and is inordinately expensive.

Don't Bother Me With Trivialities Right Now

  When we are young we don't see the need to overly excited about wellness because usually we are so vibrantly healthy. But by circumstance of youth it is possible to allow our lifestyle to drift willy-nilly, and just live the best we can. But during this acceptance lifestyle, we allow our DNA and epi-genetic structure to slowly veer off course by living as others: familial obligations, social and friendly interconnections, corporate view points and power points might want us to see as beneficial.

Where Did I Go Wrong Last Night

  Life is fast for the young, and only in emergencies do we stop to take stock in our unintentionally interrupted lives. Winding up in the emergency room or in hospitable, we look to the mavens of medicine to quickly bail us out so that we can get on with our hectic lifestyle. But sadly in many cases allotropic medicine fails to correct problems with our lifestyle or its unfortunate results. They can make us feel better and patch up our wounds but underlining causes go wanting. Just fix me up and get me out of here is the sick person's mantra.

Don't Give Me the Bad News Today

  We have been ingrained and inculcated to neglect and avoid unpleasantness, and in so doing we haven't been making course corrections early enough; rather we put off these necessary lifestyle modifications until it is far too late. Gradually through recent scientific and technological advances, young minds acquire intelligence far beyond their parent's dreams. With knowledge and experience advancing on all fronts, and with recent discoveries in genetics, life is getting better. Truly, tomorrow is a better day.

Smart Phones and Super Applications

  Today everything is based around our cellular-driven mobile or smart phones. We are now able to carry with us during every waking hour a virtual panoply of information, which is available to enhance our lives, make our careers more dynamic, get the more out of our careers and efficiently interact with others of like mind. We are building a new culture of communication and interconnection, so why not include improved wellness as part of that fantastic expansion of this grand experiment we euphemistically call living.

Just Text Me and I Will Get Back to You

  Testing and Internet communications have helped us center, improve and make our daily lives a joy. Along with that easily lifestyle convenience, what is desperately required today to make our live more complete is a smart phone app designed to enhance our wellness and epi-genetic lifestyle. Knowing how to live excellently is power, and in this case, daily reminders to be more aware of our health, and utilize self-generated or programmed wellness regimes would be a great help. By mean of a simple smart phone APP interface we can consistently perform little routines to ensure a life of strength, total relaxation, refreshing sleep and superior mental ability.

My Example of Enhanced Epi-genetic Living

  I have practiced the enhanced epi-genetics regime for thirty years by shear will and strict adherence. Even with valiant attempts at scheduling, very convenient packaging techniques and adhering to my plan, I have enjoyed excellent health for approximately 15,000 days. Of course no enthusiast is perfect in their dedication.
   Sometimes my epi-genetics regime hits road blocks that are tough to get through. But with this type of smart phone app wellness will be there for us every moment, and as an added bonus it will be more convenient than a grocery list. That is the future: An electronic epi-genetics program that never sleeps.

Anti-angiogensis Nutrition to Live Better
  To give and share life is a noble goal and high reward of our humanity. And some unique corporate entities struggle to fulfill the needs for our world's future nutritional requirements. Other aspects of this endeavor is the financial incentives driving the motor of the free world: Commerce and its misusage missed the sanctity of the dining room table while it made a beeline run for the money vault.
  But research is expensive and we must traverse the deep water of research until at last we can touch dry land. Like explorers discovering heretofore unknown and distant shores, recently scientists have made discoveries in the field of anti-angiogenesis, which is newest discovery in the world preventive medicine.

Living a Dynamic Life Can Harm Us
   When we are injured, our body uses angiogenesis to build blood vessels to repair and relieve the problem. In other circumstances, when the body encounters or develops microscopic cancer cells angiogenesis causes cancer to grow, but anti-angiogenesis foods and drugs can slow the growth of cancer. Tomatoes are a great example of a common anti-angiogenic food.

Hold the Chemotherapy; Send Me a Tomato

  Angiogenesis is the physical creation and regeneration of new blood vessels required to keep us well, and repair cell tissue during injury or disease. If angiogenesis gets out of control, as in a tumour or cancerous situation, the result can be disastrous. But the new field of anti-angiogenesis has the potential to be an epi-genetic breakthrough, which can unlock some of the keys to a more healthful, fulfilling and extended, life span.
   The capability of anti-angiogenesis foods, drugs and nutritionals is a potential turning point in a long journey to battle cancer. Anti-angiogenesis, with its capability to turn off out-of-control blood vessel generation in a tumorous cell is the most important phenomenon of our time.
   The four most important of anti-angiogenesis foods, in order of potential to shrink tumorous blood vessels are: vitamin-E, tomatoes, tea and Curcumin in tumeric.
  A more extensive list is available in a valuable TED lecture by Dr. William Li, which gives a comprehensive overview and some example; it is entitled "Can we Eat to Starve Cancer?":
Dr. William Li on Anti-angioteagenisis Foods

Expand and Grow Your Genetic Expression
   One important thing to remember about epi-genetics is that everything you do in your daily life, even how you sleep, affects your your body's genetic expression. Think and expand your scope of living, try new experiences travel and even try a new job every now and then.
   One way to expand your job opportunities is to talk to your manager along the lines of being able to help him or her make the company grow. Looking for a just a job is not going to completely fulfill an employer's needs and help his company prosper. An interesting but unspoken possibility could be that he or she might not be aware that your new idea could be the thing the company needs to send profits soaring.

Be More Than You ever thought Possible
   Be more like a consultant, even if you're not getting consultants pay, if you play your cards right you might eventually enable the employer, based on your work, to branch off into new areas. This will also help the manager say, wow, this guy or gal is valuable to me and my company. Think like a new hire each time you enter the manager's office. He or she might think to themselves, I must take care of this employee or my competition will.

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