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Poetry - The Way to Increased Creativity

All positive thinkers are creative in different ways and to varying degrees.

Boost your innovative skills by investigating creative ideas you enjoy!

Use the techniques in my essay Design a Creative Lifestyle
to discover new aspects of creativity or improve your life.

Improve your social position on a local and global.

Comment, write articles and essays on topics that interest you.

Create a web page to tell the world about your activities and lifestyle.

Increase your social contacts with local business cards and presentations
to introduce the world to your skills, and achieve success.

Why don't you try to Design your own Epigenetics Lifestyle;
you can feel great, detoxify and get more energy by operating
at the cellular level. There, the energy transformational aspect
of mitochondria will power you through your day and help you
sleep like a baby at night .

To really live try some lifestyle enhancing poetry in English or French.

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For your health, wealth and success!


Ron Lyons

Ron Lyons